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Manage restaurant operations efficiently without burning a hole in your pockets

Petpooja POS Core

For any restaurant looking to automate their entire operation with affordable and easy-to-use software


first year/per outlet

+₹7,000* renewal from next year

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Petpooja POS Core

Efficient cloud-based POS system that works with every OS

Quick and easy inventory management

100+ Real-time and simplified reporting

Seamless online ordering system

24x7 support

Aggregator integrations

Petpooja POS Core

Note: The prices mentioned on the page are exclusive of GST & only for the outlets in India. Please contact us for details of outlets located outside India.

Petpooja Go

Looking for POS software that comes with a hardware?

Expensive & bulky billing machines are out of trend. Time to switch to cost-effective billing hardware+software solution

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Petpooja Go

The operating system for all your restaurant needs




Clients across India, UAE, South Africa & Canada

Online order volume



Online order volume on zomato & swiggy processed on Petpooja




Bills processed everyday hassle free with Petpooja POS

24/7 On-call

On-call and on-site support

Petpooja Plus

Petpooja Plus

Power up your Petpooja Core with features that simplify your kitchen operations, customer management, and staff responsibilities


per year / per outlet

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Petpooja Plus

Holistic and easy-to-use tech solution

Works in perfect sync with POS

Android and Windows-based apps for multiple devices

Customised analytics for large chain restaurants at just ₹4,400*

Big Data, Big Problems Upgrade to Petpooja Pro and use Dynamic Reports to simplify your large chain’s data management

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Customised analytics for large chain restaurants

Trusted by some of the best restaurants

Sam's Pizza

Petpooja has been the POS solution for our 90+ outlets for over two years. And these numbers are proof of how content we are with their services. Especially for a large chain like us, Petpooja is the one-point data bridge between all the outlets and the owner. Kudos to the team. Recommending Petpooja to everyone!’


Jolly Christian

General Manager

United farmers creamery

Petpooja has helped me to manage inventory levels and food costs. I can track sales and expenses in real time, which helps me make informed decisions about purchasing and pricing. The system also provides detailed reports, which has helped me reduce waste and optimize my inventory. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with Petpooja and highly recommend it to anyone looking to streamline their operations and improve their bottom line.

Jaipratap Singh

Jaipratap Singh

Managing Director,


Less than daily cost of chai

Two liner description conveying importance/benefit of this utility

Constant & fix pricing

Constant & fix pricing

Two liner description conveying importance/benefit of this utility

No new hardware required

No new hardware required

Random interval between two emails, custom tracking domain

FAQs of pricing

How many POS will I need to buy to use it in multiple terminals?

Petpooja POS runs smoothly with multiple billing stations! Whether it is two billing stations of 10, you need just one POS to manage them all without hassle.

Which hardware will I be required to use Petpooja POS?

Petpooja POS works smoothly with iOS, Windows, and Android laptops, computers, tablets and phones.

Does Petpooja POS support an A4 printer?

Yes! Petpooja POS supports your regular A4 printers and WiFi, LAN, USB, Dot-matrix, Laser, Label, A4 size, A5 size, Bluetooth, etc.!

What if I’m switching from another POS?

You have nothing to worry about! We will make sure your POS migration is quick so that your operations don’t get affected.
  • The team will help migrate all the CRM data from your previous POS to Petpooja
  • The team will also help re-install the previous aggregator setup onto Petpooja POS

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